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Pulse+IT is Australasia’s leading voice in digital health news.

If your organisation develops IT-related products, services, education or events and wants to reach decision-makers in the health sector, you have come to the right place.

Since its launch in 2006, Pulse+IT has attracted subscribers from all corners of the health sector, with 19,500+ readers receiving our daily eNewsletter, most of whom pay to read our independent journalism at the Pulse+IT website.

Browse this page for an overview of our digital services, readership, specifications, examples of past advertising campaigns, and remaining opportunities, with full details available for download in the Pulse+IT Media Kit.

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Pulse+IT's daily eNewsletters are sent to 19,500+ subscribers each week, reaching all corners of the Australian and New Zealand health sectors.

As the region's only publication that specialises in Digital Health, we have built a loyal and highly engaged readership of decision-makers from organisations utilising IT to support the delivery of healthcare.

Our readers work in medical and allied health practices, hospitals, aged care facilities, pharmacies, local health networks and boards, primary health networks and organisations, state and federal government departments, and universities. Pulse+IT is also enjoyed by large numbers of digital health professionals, who consider the publication to be essential reading.

A testament to the quality of the journalism it produces, Pulse+IT operates one of the few successful media paywalls in ANZ, and the publication also receives the support of these key associations who purchase Pulse+IT subscriptions for their entire memberships.

For more details about Pulse+IT's readership and the ways you can reach them, download the Pulse+IT Media Kit.



Advertising opportunities


Pulse+IT eNewsletters are sent seven times a week to 19,500+ subscribers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Each weekday edition has a different theme, with eNewsletters dedicated to Digital Health in:
  • Medical practices and allied health
  • Hospitals
  • Aged, community and disability care
  • New Zealand 
On Saturday we publish our popular weekly wrap up and poll our readership for their views on the most important topic from the week. 

Advertisers can select the editions most relevant to their products and services, with two Medium Rectangle banner positions featured in each eNewsletter.


Pulse+IT eDMs are HTML emails containing your content, sent to a targeted segment of our readership. As a premium service we limit these email blasts to one per week to maximise their impact.

You can review some of the eDMs Pulse+IT has sent recently by clicking on the graphics below.

eDM examples

Australian Telehealth Conference
Open rate: 46.6%
Click rate: 3.3%

The University of Melbourne
Open rate: 31.5%
Click rate: 2.5%

Global Health
Open rate: 42%
Click rate: 3.7%

Open rate: 39.2%
Click rate: 2.6%


The Pulse+IT website features Leaderboard and Medium Rectangle banner positions, providing advertisers with recurring exposure that can be rolled out over an extended period of time.

Best used in combination with our eNewsletter and eDM services, Pulse+IT website banners are delivered by the powerful Google Ad Manager platform, which supports a range of targeting and reporting options.


Pulse+IT works with organisations to promote their online sessions using our website, eNewsletter and eDM services.

Having hosted webinars for clients for many years, our team of experts can provide input into the content creation process, provide a suitable hosting platform, and facilitate the webinar on the day.


The Pulse+IT Directory provides organisations with a cost-effective platform on which to showcase their products and services.

Participants in the Pulse+IT Directory are listed in a dedicated section of the Pulse+IT website and in over 300 editions of the Pulse+IT eNewsletter each year.

Specifications and availability

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